Unsere Speisekarte

Our menu

Munich “Voressen aus der Kronfleischküche“

Every day from 10AM to 2 PM
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10AM to 12 PM

Munich´s Early Lunch

Daily from 10am to 2pm
Sat, Sun & Holidays 10am to 12am

White sausage 
from the 1st  scalding in the morning
a pair served with sweet mustard
8,20 €
original butchers shashlik
meat sausage with wham, liver, pork, peppers, onions 
spicy shashlik sauce
12,90 €
Pink Crown meat
tenderly boiled diaphragm from beef
Potato and vegetable mix and Horseradish
13,90 €
Veal Lungs
With a sour gravy and read dumpling
12,50 €
Boiled meat
Tongue, heart, wham, horseradish and sauerkraut
served with boiled potatoes
13,60 €

Dish of the day

Daily 11am to 2 pm

Stuffed veal breast
Roast, with gravy and potatoes with parsley
16,90 €
Liver of suckling pig
Roast on fire
Served with potatoes with parsley
14,90 €
Fried dumplings
With chicken meat, onions and gravy
12,50 €
Veal knuckle without bone, fried in clarified butter
With potato-cucumber salad, remoulade and Cranberries
16,90 €
Baked Redfish fillet
With potato-cucumber salad, remoulade
16,90 €


Daily sold at the main entrance

Roast pulled pork in a crunchy roll 8,50 €


Brotzeit - Assorted cold cuts

All of our cheese is made from raw milk, except our bavarian cheese spread

Bavarian assorted cold cuts
Smoked ham, beef sausage, bacon sausage, cold roast, Bavarian cheese spread, mountain cheese, crackling fat, horseradish, richly garnished 
19,00 €
Bavarian assorted cold cuts platter
Smoked ham, beef sausage, bacon sausage, cold roast, quarter grilled chicken, quarter crispy pork knuckle (sliced), bavarian cheese spread, mountain cheese, crackling fat, horseradish, richly garnished 
69,00 €
Munich sausage salad
With Regensburger sausage
Sourly dressed with onion rings, gherkin and tomato 
12.80 €
Beef Tartare
From the Bavarian Ox, seasoned, garnished with onions, anchovies and capers
19,80 €
Smoked Farmers Ham
From lower-bavaria, sliced, with horseradish, butter and garnish
17,50 €
Assortet varieties of cheese
With organic chesse specialities, peer slices and fig mustard
22,50 €
Bavarian cheese spread
Soft camembert with butter, spices (paprika, cumin etc.) and refined with a bit of beer. Garnished with gherkins and onion rings
13,50 €

Baked goods

Large pretzel 6,20 €
Crispy bread roll  6,20 €
Small crunchy bread roll 5,50 €

More baked goods are available at the main entrance

From the sausage kitchen

Pork Bratwurst
4 pieces served with Sauerkraut and mustard
14,80 €
Sausage of veal-sweetbread
Browned, served with gravy and potato-cucumber salad
14,80 €

From the soup kitchen

Creamed mushroom soup
With crispy bacon
7,00 €
Pancake soup
Pancake and vegetable strips in the beef broth with chives
6,50 €
Liver spatzl soup
Liver spatzl with vegetable strips in beef broth with chives
7,00 €
Soup pot
Liver spatzl, pieces of skirt steak strips of vegetables and pancake in beef broth
10,50 €

Roasted, Braised & Grilled

Roast ox
Braised in a rich red wine sauce, with red cabbage and millirahm potatoes
25,50 €
Roasted beef with onion
With Kässpatzen, fried onions and gravy
- The Bavarian classic of ribeye steak -
34,50 €
Bavarian Rib-Eye Steak
Medium-rare, tender and juicy with teriyaki-sauce, millirahm potatoes  with grilled vegetables
39,50 €
Tomahawk steak
From 6pm until 10pm - Preorder only
Approx. 1300g - for 2-4 people
brown melted butter & bernaise sauce, with rosmary potatoes and active vegetables
139,00 €
Venison ragout
With cranberries, red cabbage and fried dumpling
28,50 €
½ Grilled Chicken
From Lower-Bavaria
13,90 €
Extra potato-cucumber Salad 5,50 €
½ Crispy Duck
With rosemary-sauce, red cabbage and potato dumplings
32,50 €
¼ Crispy Duck
With rosemary-sauce, red cabbage and potato dumplings
22,50 €
Roast pork
From shoulder and whammy of pork with crust in natural sauce, served with potato dumplings and coleslaw
19,90 €
Roast suckling pig
From breast and back - with natural sauce, Millirahm potatoes and pan-fried vegetables
28,50 €
1/2 crispy pork knuckle
with natural gravy, potato dumpling and coleslaw
22,50 €
Whole crispy pork knuckle
With horseradish, hot mustard and coleslaw - served on a wooden board -
41,50 €
Extra bacon slaw 5,50 €

From local waters

„King Ludwig‘s Hechtenkraut“
Gratinated casserole with pike, potatoes and cabbage
- According to a royal recipe -
20,50 €
Char Tartare Matie style (raw, pickled fish)
with beet and fresh herbs with soy-sour cream, served with small potatoes
20,50 €

Vegetarian & vegan

Spaetzle with two cheeses,
served with roasted onion rings
15,80 €
Creamed Mushrooms
With grilled forest mushrooms, parsley and dumplings  
24,50 €
Crispy pocket (vegan)
Vegetables baked with corn semolina in brick dough, served with rocket and tomato dip (with soy sour cream)
18,50 €
Finely seasoned with herb pesto and roasted active vegetables
17,50 €


Hearty farmer salad
Colourful salad mix with goat cheese gratinated in honey, roasted seeds - dressed with apricot dressing
19,90 €
Hearty protein salad
Mixed leaf- and raw vegetable salad with a 1/2 ribeye steak of approx. 250g, brown butter, teriyaki sauce and apricot dressing
29,50 €
Mixed side salad
salad mix with coleslaw, potato-cucumber salad and cabbage with apricot-dressing
12,50 €



Crème brulée 9,80 €
Munich steamed noodle
with vanilla sauce
12,50 €
Bavarian apple strudel
with vanilla sauce
9,80 €
Kaiserschmarrn Bavarian pancake speciality
with sultanas and caramelised almonds
served with apple compote
Mixed dessert platter
With Kaiserschmarren, apple strudel, crème brulée,
apple sauce and vanilla sauce for 4 to 5 people
49,00 €
Assorted varieties of cheese platter
With organic chesse specialities, peer slices and fig mustard
For 4 to 5 people
107,50 €

For children

Every day until 4PM for children under 14

Käsespatzen small portion 11,80 €
Creamed Mushrooms
With grilled forest mushrooms, parsley and dumplings  
16,00 €
2 grilled sausages 
with potato-cucumber salad
9,80 €

Every Tuesday:

Small Wiener Schnitzel
Pork escalope with potato-cucumber salad

13,90 €

Beer & Drinks

Hacker Pschorr Festbier 1,0 l 13,40 €
Hacker Pschorr non-alcoholic 1,0 l 13,40 €
Radler  please order lemonade with the Mass beer  
Valencia Lemonade 0,5 l 5,40 €
Paulaner Spezi 0,5 l 5,40 €
Apple spritzer  apple juice with sparkling water 0,4 l 5,40 €
Table water sparkling 0,4 l 4,60 €